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Morong Miao Village

Morong Miao Village is one of the Miao Ethnic Minority Villages opened to tourists.Morong Miao Village is loctaed in the Guzhang County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefeture,China's Hunan Province. It's about 15 minutes driving from Jishou City, as well as 30 minutes from Guzhang County.It's easily to see while you take bus from Furong Ancient Town to Fenghuang Ancient Town.


Morong means "the place where Dragong lives" in Miao Language.Morong Village is well known formerly as " Grgaon Nose Village", Longbizi Village in Chinese.There are over hundred Miao families to have been living there since in the Tang Dynasty.And it is also the starting site of the South Great Wall of China which was once built as a troop's camp in the Ming Dynasty.


Morong Miao Village is situated in the mountainous where is surround by a river on the front of the village.Acrossed the Winding-Rain Bridge,you can enter the village after you have a bowl of wine that the local Miao Villagers give you.This is traditional custom of Miao Ethnic Minority to welcome their visitors.Here all the stilted houses are built on the slope hills.People live calmfully in the small village. Some local Miao ladies sale eggs,fruits,handcrafts to tourists. You can say" Nihao" to them. Local people are friendly to say "Nihao".


It's about 30 minutes walking around the Miao Village. The last section of visiting Morong Miao Village is the Show of Miao's Dance and Music. 

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