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Xiangxi : ​"Gan Chang", Going to a fair

xiangxi ShoppingGoing to a fair is called "Gan Chang" or "Gan Ji "by locals in Xiangxi Region of Hunan Province.  "Gan Ji", commonly known as "Gan Chang", is a bazaar for rural people. Not only can you find rich and cheap farmers' goods here, but also products with unique local characteristics. It is also a place for girls of Miao ethic group to compete with each other in various colorful national costumes. It takes place every five days in almost every village or town in Fenghuang. 

One may not really visit Xiangxi if one does not go to the local fairs in Miao towns. In the fairs, visitors can see the most distinctive aboriginal people of local ethnic minorities. Laershan, Heku and Shanjiang of Fenghuang County are well known Miao fairs in Xiangxi. Peddlers from other counties as well as Guizhou and Sichuan will come to these towns to sell or exchange goods. For visitors, they are a shopping paradise to buy their favorite folk handicrafts of good quality and at very reasonable prices.

La'ershan, Heku and Shanjiangzhe are areas for the Miao minority, where people from several Miao villages nearby buy goods. Moreover, venders from different regions often come here to do business, such as Huayuan, Jishou, Luxi, Mayang, Songtao and Tongren of Guizhou, Xiushan of Chongqing. It is known as "bazaars of three provinces". These bazaars are home to best and cheap goods and exquisite ethnic handicrafts. The date of "Gan Ji" is calculated in Chinese lunar calendar.

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