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Classification of TCM

Classification is conducive to improving Chinese doctors' research and treatment of disease specificity, and also provides convenience for patients to seek medical treatment. The main Classifications of TCM are as below:

Internal medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine mainly treats two major categories of exogenous and internal injuries. The exogenous disease is caused by exogenous wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, fire, and epidemic. Internal injuries mainly refer to visceral meridian diseases, qi and blood fluid diseases and other diseases.

The main treatments of traditional Chinese medicine include sores, sputum, tumors, rocks, anal colitis, male genital diseases, skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, traumatic diseases and peripheral vascular diseases.
Traditional Chinese medicine pediatrics mainly treat pediatric diseases. Because the physiological characteristics and pathological characteristics of children are different from those of adults, the treatment methods and medications are also different from those of adults. Its main performance is: the ability of children to resist external evils is poor, once the disease occurs, the rapid changes in syndromes are very different from adults. The pain of the child is often not correctly expressed. In addition, the child's sputum is delicate and delicate, and the reaction and tolerance to the drug are different from those of the adult. Therefore, it is necessary to open a pediatric specialist.
Traditional Chinese medicine gynecology mainly treats menstrual diseases, underlying diseases, pregnancy diseases, postpartum diseases, breast diseases, anterior yin diseases and gynecological diseases. Chinese medicine has certain advantages in the treatment of women's diseases, such as dysfunctional uterine bleeding, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is a combination of acupuncture and sputum. The needle method is to puncture the needle into the patient's body according to a certain acupoint, and use the sputum, lifting and other methods to treat the disease by stimulating the meridian points. The method of sputum is to treat the disease with hot stimuli by burning the velvet on the meridian points of the body at a certain acupoint. Acupuncture is suitable for a variety of diseases, including many functional diseases and infectious diseases, as well as some organic diseases.
It mainly includes treats diseases of ear, nose, throat, oral diseases, eye 
TCM orthopedics science is a discipline that prevents bone and joint damage and disease around the bones. The ancient category of "drug medicine", also known as "bone joint", "normal body", "positive bone", "injury" and so on. The history of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and a long history. It is a summary of the experience of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in the long-term struggle against injuries and bone diseases. It has rich academic content and outstanding medical achievements. It is an important part of Chinese medicine and it is a breeding ground for Chinese famous people. Prosperity and the development of world medicine have had a profound impact.

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