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Tourism Cities In Henan

No.1 Travel In Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou City, the tourist center of central China, is one of the eight ancient capitals of China and the capital city of Henan Province at present.Being a famous city of rich culture and glorious history, with its booming economy, Zhengzhou is now animp


No.2 Travel In Dengfeng

Dengfengis a township which is smaller than Luoyang and Kaifeng in Henan Province, But the cultural connotation behind this place make it as a must-see place for both locals and travelers. The township is located in the Songshan Mountains, about 45 miles


No.3 Travel In Luoyang

Luoyang is located in the western part ofHenan Provicne, the south bank of the Yellow River, Central of China.Luoyang served as the capital for 13 dynasties over 1,500 years in ancient times.Luoyang was a world-renowned metropolitan area and the eastern s


No.4 Travel In Kaifeng

Kaifeng is famous in the world for its profound historical and cultural heritages.Backing on to the Yellow River to the north and facing Huanghuai Plain to the south, Kaifeng City is located to the east of Henan Province, 72 kilometers from Zhengzhou city