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China Overview

China is a vast country situated at the eastern part of Eurasia and the western coast of the Pacific Ocean. Covering a land area of 3,706,581 square miles (9,600,000 square kilometers), China is the third largest of the world, inferior to Russia and Canada. It is 3,231 miles long from east to west and 3,417.5 miles long from north to south. With the entire territory shaping like a rooster, its northernmost end reaches Mohe in Heilongjiang Province; the southernmost is at Zengmu Ansha in Nansha Islands, the easternmost at conjunction of Heilongjiang River and the Wusuli River, while the western at the Pamirs.

Facts of China
Formal Mame: People's Republic of China (PRC)
Referred Name: China (中国 zhōngguó)
Location: In the east of the Asian continent, on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean. 
Area:The total area is 14.3 million square kilometers, of which the land area is about 9.6 million square kilometers, and the water area is about 4.7 million square kilometers.
Population:1.45 billion people (2019)
Nationality: 56 nationalities including Han
Capital: Beijing 
Current President : Xi Jingping
Current Prime Minister: Li Keqiang
National Day: 1st, Oct
National Flag: Red flag with five stars. 
National Anthem: March of the Volunteers
National Emblem: Tiananmen Gatetower under five stars, encircled by ears of grain and with a gear wheel below. 
Administrative division:By the end of 2017, China had 34 provincial-level administrative regions (including 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities, and 2 special administrative regions), 334 prefecture-level administrative regions, 2851 county-level administrative regions, and 39888 township-level administrative regions

China is an ancient country having a profound history. Originated in the eastern area of the Yellow River Region, the country's civilization is over 5,000 years old and was considered one of four ancient civilizations of the world, along with the civilizations of the ancient Babylon, the ancient Egypt and the ancient India. The first dynasty of Chinese history started from the Xia Dynasty (2070BC-1600BC) and the last one was the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), while the most glorious period were the Qin (221BC-206BC), Han (206BC-220), Tang (618-907) and Ming (1368-1644) dynasties. During thousands of years of feudal ruling, Chinese people have created brilliant science and art culture, like the Four Great Inventions, the poetry, paintings and Chinese calligraphy. Also, a great amount of cultural relics such as the Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors left by ancestors have become the treasures of the nation and the wonder of the world.

Founded in 1949 by the Communist Party, The People's Republic of China, (PRC) is a unified multi-ethnic country. 56 nationalities are now living in 34 direct administrative regions including 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, four directly-governed city regions–Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing and two special administrative regions (SAR)–Hong Kong and Macau. The 55 ethnic minorities mainly live in Chongqing, Gansu, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Ningxia, Qinghai, Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang and Yunnan. China is also the most populous country in the world. Being over 1.3 billion (in the end of 2007), the country's population is about 22 percent of the world population. The most populous part is the eastern coastal areas. Almost 94 percent of Chinese people live in the Southeast part of the country which covers 43 percent of its land area; while the other six percent people live in the northwestern areas which cover 57 percent of the territory.
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