Xinjiang Dining

Xinjiang has rich and unique food culture. Xinjiang is a multi-ethnic region where people of a certain group live in compact communities. The vast land and diverse ethnic cultures of Xinjiang naturally "cook" a great variety of delicious ethnic foods. Tasting the Xinjiang food is not only to satisfy your stomach but a way to know the ethnic cultures in Xinjiang.    As a land with the tradition of animal husbandry production, Xinjiang is rich in sheep and cattle. The staple food of Islamic people is that of mutton and beef. Shish kebab is a popular snack nationwide--found in the streets and markets throughout China. 

What to eat in Xinjiang?
Here lists to snacks and food,dishes in Xinjiang, such as  Nang, kebabs and Zhua Fan are the must-try dishes when traveling to Xinjiang for their unique features and flavors. Other specialties worth mentioning are Milk Tea, Yoghourt Made of Mare's Milk, Rice-Filled Sausages, and Stewed Mutton Eaten by Hands, etc.  

Deep-Fried Dough Twists Roast Nang Rice Eaten with Hands
Stewed Mutton Cubes  Xinjiang Yogurt  Xinjiang Roast Meat 
Xinjiang Polo  Oily Pyramids Xiniang Roast Dumplings 
Xiniang Roast Dumplings  Thin-wrapper steamed stuffed buns Lamian Noodles 

Where to eat?

Xiaogazi Mingyuan Restauran
Address: 1 South Friendly Road, Urumqi City
Business hours: Monday to Sunday 12:30-00:0
Cost: CNY 78/pp  (from user feedback)
Dish: Xinjiang cuisine
Tel: 0991-4561111

Shiliu Hongle Restaurant
Tel: 0991-8812666, 0991-8811555
Address: 1st Floor, Ruihao International Hotel, No. 89, Henan West Road, Urumqi
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00-00:00
Per capita: CNY106 (from user feedback)
Dish: Xinjiang cuisine


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