Xinjiang Shopping

If you travel in Xinjiang, you had better to do shopping.There are a lot of choices for shopping in Xinjiang. Local special products are carpet,silk,jade,fruits,jewelry...In this page, we will list them as below.

What to buy in Xinjiang?

Xinjiang carpet Xinjiang Adilis Silk  Uygur Embroidered Hats
Yengsiar Knives Wood Block Printed Cloth  Xinjiang Earthenware 
Red Copper Ware  Xinjiang Jade Carvings Uygur Rugs

Besides locla crafts, Xinjiang is also known as the 'Home of Fruits and Melons' Changes in temperature from morning to evening, long hours of sunshine and careful irrigation all work together to give the fruits of Xingjian bright color and sweet pulp. There are hundreds of species of grapes, muskmelons, watermelons, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, pomegranates, cherries, figs, and walnuts, and large quantities of fruits and melons are transported to other parts of the country and abroad.

Hami2.jpg Tuerpan1.jpg Xinjiang Pears.jpg
Xinjiang Hami melons Turpan grapes  Xinjiang Fragrant Pears
Almonds are one of the most treasured dried fruit of the Uygur people. It contains rich fat, protein, and vitamins. Therefore, it has high medicinal value and is used in 60% of traditional Uygar medicines. It is offered to treat visitors and the flowers and leaves of the trees are embroidered on the hats, clothes and buildings. Moreover, Xinjiang is one of China's earliest walnut producing areas. Both southernand northern Xinjiang produce walnuts, especially the oases around the Tarim Basin. Hotan is the largest producing area. Big sized and thin skinned, Xinjiang walnuts contain high oil content, which are good for people's health.    

Apart form those mentioned above, Hami dates, Yecheng pomegranates, Kashgar figs, Kucha flat peaches and mulberries are well-known special products in Xinjiang. With the development of advanced technology, people can enjoy the delicious melons and fruit all year round. The raisins, dried apricots and dried figs are best in quality. They are sold not only in Xinjiang but other regions and countries. Therefore, Xinjiang deserves its fame as" a home of melons and fruit".

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