Guangzhou Overview

Guangzhou,capital city of Guangdong Province,is one of the major Chinese cities influenced by the nearby Hong Kong and Macao. Guangzhou is located in South China and it is a worldly famous economic, gastronomic and tourist halt city.Guangzhou is somewhat the first city travelers to China will visit, just like Beijing or Shanghai. 
Facts of Guangzhou
English Name: Guangzhou, Canton
Chinese Name: 广州 (guǎng zhōu)
Alias: Five-Goat City, Goat City, City of Spike, City of Flowers
Location: South-central Guangdong Province, Pearl River Delta, Southern China (34°16′N, 108°54′E)
Urban Land Area: 3,843.4 sq km (6,000 sq mi)
 Postal Code: 510000
Area Code: 020

History of Guangzhou
During the Zhou Dynasty (1045 B.C. – 256 B.C.) the Cantonese peoples suffered from famine for many years. Legend has it that one day five immortals riding five goats with rice ears each of a different color descended from heaven and blessed the area with favorable weather that produced rich harvests. Thus, this city is also known as the "Five-Goat City (Wuyangcheng)" and the "City of Spike (Suicheng)." To express their gratitude to the celestial beings, the locals erected the "Five Immortals Temple."
Geography of Guangzhou
Guangzhou is located in south-central Guangdong Province, north of the Pearl River Delta. It lies close to the South China Sea, Hong Kong and  Macau.  Pearl River ( Zhujiang River), the third longest river in China runs through the city and is navigable to the South China Sea. These geographical features bestow the name "South Gate of China" upon the city.
Climate & Weather
The local climate is sub-tropical. The average year-round temperature is 22℃ (71.6℉). The rainy season falls between April and August. The best time to visit the city is between October and December. Pleasant weather, abundant rain and sunlight provide ideal conditions for agriculture. Another alias of this city is the "City of Flowers" with evergreen plants and flowers blooming all year round.
Transport in Guangzhou
Situcated in the north of the Pearl River Delta and enjoys a monsoon sub-tropical climate. Recognised as a high trading center, Guangzhou is also a busy port and an important city that influences the whole country's economy. The sprawling urbanization of the city is getting more and more important everyday: huge traffic lines, never ending flyovers, new modern subway system give more ease to inhabitants and tourists.

Guangzhou Food & Cuisien
Guangzhou also has a worldwide reputation for good food. It has more restaurants and teahouses than any other city in China. Cantonese cuisine (Yuecai), one of the eight famous cuisines of China, is redolent with color, fragrance, taste and presentation. Yuecai is an absolute "must do" when dining there. Try the famous Cantonese pastries well known for their wide range of varieties, delicate flavors and different hues.

Shopping Paradise
Guangzhou city has a massive number of malls and retail stores. Grand shopping malls such as the TeeMall Plaza, the China Plaza plus the trade fairs in the Guangzhou International Building provide easy access to top-notch products from all over the world. Visitors will enjoy stroll on the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and Beijing Road Business Street. The city is a true shoppers'paradise.

Tourism in Guangzhou
Worldly renowned for the Cantonese cuisine, Guangzhou is a place where all the surprising and delightful delicacies of China gather. Historical site, home to some international events, cultural diversity and tourist spots, Guangzhou is a delight for the soul and for the palate.  Read More: Top Things to do in Guangzhou
Many historic sights including the Western Han Nanyue King's Tomb Museum, and the Bright Filial Piety Temple tell us the ancient history of the city. Baiyunshan Scenic Area and Yuexiu Park showcase the natural scenery of the city.Shanmian Island retains some of its former grandeur in the mansions with its exotic mansions. The Guangzhou Museum of Art is one of the best in China and is definitely worth a visit. Apart from that the real highlights are the city's markets and vast bazaars.