Xian Attractions

Xian’s tourism is a booming industry.As a famous historic and cultural city, a treasure house of relics and sites, Xian is one of the highly popular tourist destinations in China. Today Xian is a vibrant, modern city, but surrounded by history, even underfoot! So there can be no underground railways due to the obligation to preserve the wealth of ancient treasure still awaiting discovery.

Top Attractions in Xian
Touring in Xian, you can breathe the historical air from all the must-see spots. Major attractions in Xian include the Qin Terracotta Army - "the 8th wonder of the world", the Big Wild Goose Pagoda-the most outstanding landmark of Xian, Banpo Neolithic Village Museum - the remains of a 6,000 year-old village once home to a matriarchal clan community, and the Xian City Wall which stretches round the old city.
Best Places To Visit In Xian

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