Xian Dining

Xian Dining is wonderful. With prevalent images of the glorious catering culture of northwest China, Xian is a real treasure trove of food. Xian is also well known as representatives of the catering in northwest China and famous for its snacks, among which Muslim catering culture takes large proportion. Anyone paying a visit to Xian will not neglect its various types of snacks with over a hundred different kinds. Typical Xian food mainly consist of meat and noodles.  Take noodle as an example, hundreds of choices will widen your horizon. The delicious steamed cold noodles make millions of people full of praises, let alone Roujiamo and Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup.

What to eat?

Dumpling in Sour Soup
With a history of over 1000 years, the Dumpling in Sour Soup properly deserves the name as an ancient flavor snack. Mutton dumplings are placed in a special sour soup before serving to the customers, hence the name. The name reflects its distinctive feature: sour taste.  Sour soup boasts for its wide rage of ingredients amounting to over 13 kinds. The most comment ones are sweet vinegar, dried shrimps, cooked sesame, chicken oil and butter, just to name a few. Mixing Vinegar with star anise, fennel, and cloves is a necessary process to cook sweet vinegar. And when the ingredients boiled, put sweet vinegar into the sour. 30 minutes later, this cate will be well prepared.

Xian Cold noodle 
It refers to a kind of traditional noodle food with Korean favor. It is also called longevity noodle. Traditional ways of preparing this dish require appropriate proportion of flour mixture. Another basic ingredient is beef or chicken soup which should be skimmed oil after cooling down. Sesame oil, pepper, MSG and other seasoning should be put on the top of the noodle, and then you can add some beef, egg or apple and pear slice as you like. 
Cooked in this way, cold noodle has unique flavor as well as smooth taste, very popular with all ages.Eating cold noodles along with mustard and vinegar are better, since the condiments not only give sweet and sour taste but also bring other benefits to human body.

Xian Roujiamo
Roujiamo is mainly dominated by two categories in two regions. One is bacon stuffed in baked pancake which is popular in Shaanxi region, and the other one is with mutton stuffing commonly in Ningxia region.Bacon and baked pancake combined properly together to form the celebrated Roujiamo with wonderful flavors. Fluffy bacon plus fragrant baked pancake, with a long and pleasant aftertaste, will satisfy your stomach and eyes. This cate has awarded as the excellent dish in 1989 by the "Golden Tripod Prize". Due to the complexity and specialization of the ingredients and the cooking method, the bacon has red color, fragrant smell, and unique flavor. Earning the reputation as "Chinese hamburger ", Roujiamo is deeply loved by people both at home and overseas.

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