Chinese Clothing Culture

China has a long history, and the Chinese clothing culture was created by the penetration and influence of various ethnic groups. Since the Han and Tang Dynasties, especially after modern times, Chinese clothing has absorbed and melted the outstanding crystallization of foreign cultures of all ethnic groups in the world. However, it has evolved into a Chinese costume culture with Han nationality as the main feature.

Ancient Chinese Clothing

As a vital part of Chinese civilization, ancient Chinese  traditional clothing plays an important role in the country's history and culture. Their basic features are cross-collar, wrapping the right lapel over the left, tying with sash and a form of blouse plus skirt or long gown. These features have been preserved for thousands of years till the time of the Republic of China (1912 – 1949AD), when Chinese Tunic Suit (Mao Suit) and Cheongsam prevailed...More
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Modern Chinese Clothing

In 1910's,  a great change occurred with the formation of the Republic of China, when Mao Suit became popular among the males and cheongsam among the females. In the early period of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Suit stayed popular among not only males, but also females. Later in the 1970’s, when the country implemented reform and opening policy, the masses gradually turned to western-style attire.

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Chinese Dress Code

China has different dress codes from other countries. Visitors should better follow some dressing rules to wear suitably in certain occasions.They wear different clothes on different occasions. These occasions can be specified and include wedding, party, church, holiday, business, office and recreation and so on. Similarly, Chinese people pay much attention to their suit. As China is a very traditional oriental nation, it attaches much importance on etiquette. Take dress wearing for an example. They think to respect others and esteem themselves, they should wear decent dress...More

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