Shopping in China

Travelling in China,most travelers want to take home some bargains or mementos. With so many options available, shopping can be time consuming, confusing, and exhausting. The following tips may make it easier for you.

What to buy in China?

China has myriads of souvenirs to offer to its visitors. Just to name a few: silks, embroideries, brocades, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, furniture, medicinal herbs, cloisonne, ceramics, carvings and sculptures, woven hand works, artistic fans, lacquer wares, traditional Chinese stationery, tea, beverages, folk arts and crafts of different ethnic backgrounds, and native products and local specialties. Don't buy everything in the first day or two while you travel in China. Here lists Top Souvenirs for a First-Time Traveler to China.

Shu Embroidery2.jpg
China Silk Chinese Embroidery Chinese Clothing
Chinese Batik Chinese Tea Chinese Jade Carving
Chinese Wood Carving Chinese Jade Carving Chinese Kite
Huishan Clay Figurine
Chinese Straw Plaited Article  Chinese Cloisonné Chinese Clay Sculpture
Chinese lantern Artistic Fans Antiques
Jiangxi Shopping
Chinese Paper Cutting China porcelain Chinese Pottery
Traditional Stationery Tang Tricolor Pottery Chinese Cloth Art
Chinese Seal Cutting Chinese Painting Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Medicine Chinese Alcohol Chinese Knot

China Shopping Tips

Shopping is a necessary part when you travel in China. When you are attracted by the exotic goods in China, you should also pay attention about the following point:

1. Credit Cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Million, Federal, all are acceptable in most large Chinese department stores.
2. When you buy something from vendors, you can use some small notes so that you can avoid receiving the forge money from them.
3. Learn to bargain when you do shopping in China. Bargain is an exciting thing when shopping in markets or small shops. You may find an unbelievable low price to purchase something if you try to bargain.
4. When you would like to buy some valuable things such as antiques, jade, pearls, paintings, you should be careful as to their authenticity.
5. Some goods are not allowed to be exported from China. So you must confirm whether it can be allowed to pass the Chinese customs or not.

Shopping in major tourism cities

Shopping in Beijing
Shopping in Kunming
Shopping in Tianjin
Shopping in Chongqing
Shopping in Shanghai
Shopping in Guangzhou
Shopping in Changsha
Shopping in Yichang
Shopping in Xian
Shopping Urumqi
Shopping in Chengdu
Shoping in Jiuzhaigou
Shopping in Guilin
Shopping in Lhasa
Shopping in Huangshan
Shopping in Zhangjiajie

How to deliver things in China?

As the traditional post agency in China,  China Post is listed as is one of the Fortune 500 enterprises. China Post has the larges post network in the world. It is not only the member of Universal Post Union but also manages internal post and delivery business to more than 200 countries and areas in the world...More

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