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With a long-standing history as well as the Chinese culture, Chinese Architecture is great and profound.  From the early square or round shallow hole-houses to today’s modern style, many a wonder was built by generations of Chinese in the past 6000 years, which are astonishing with superb techniques, exquisite art designs and unique styles.

The magnificent ancient Chinese architecture developed to a distinctive school of its own with unique monomer shape and delicate decorations in every part, while the modern Chinese style is developing rapidly with great diversifications base on the traditional style and national spirit and compatible with kinds of modern styles. Numerous symbolized architectures, either the miraculous Great Wall and grand Forbidden City or the modern Oriental Pearl Tower and Bird’s Nest, are erecting majestically in the country with spectacular image and great artistic value.
Ancient Chinese Architecture
Chinese architecture, together with European and Arabian architecture, is an important component of the world architectural system. During its long development, ancient Chinese architecture  gradually formed into a style which featured timber work combining stone carving, rammed earth construction, bucket arch buildings and many other techniques. Industrious Chinese people created many architectural miracles such as the Great Wall,  the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, the Forbidden City.
 History of Chinese Architecture                                                               Chinese architectural Features
Aesthetics of Chinese architecture                                                          Chinese Architectural Art
Layout of Chinese architecture                                                                Structure of Chinese architecture
Components of Ancient Chinese Architecture                                      Factions of Chinese architecture 

Styles of Ancient Chinese  Architecture
Chinese ancient architecture has its own unique style in the world architecture. It uses different structural materials which include civil construction, brick work, timber construction and bamboo construction. There are various architecture styles such as palace, tower, temple, garden and mausoleum which can be generally grouped into imperial architecture, religious architecture, garden architecture and general architecture. Here we will introduce to you the detailed information about different kinds of Chinese  architecture, including the related culture and background knowledge. 

Tower 楼  Terrace 台  Pavilion 亭 阁
Archway Chinese Mausoleum Religious Architecture
Chinese Bridges  Chinese dwelling    Chinese Garden

Chinese Ancient Architecture Culture
Chinese architecture is most famous for the Great Wall of China But, there is so much more to Chinese architecture than just that huge wall. Chinese temples are large and extravagant. Palaces are a pleasure to look at. Even the roofs are breathtaking and detailed to the last drop of gloss or paint.


Modern Chinese Architecture
Modern Chinese Architecture refers to those built after the first Opium War in 1840. Chinese architecture remains the traditional styles under the close policy of Qing government until the Opium War in the middle of 19th century that western concepts and styles of are introduced into China which brings new blood and ideas to Chinese architecture.  After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, Chinese architecture entered into a rapid development period. New residential blocks and public works, office blocks, schools, hospitals and museums are erected over the country. The new Chinese style is with great diversifications base on the national spirit and traditional style and compatible with kinds of modern styles; some featured symbolized architecture are renowned standing in the country, like the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bird’s Nest...Read More: Current Situations of Chinese Housing              Laws of Land and Housing in China

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