Xinjiang Museum

Xinjiang Museum,also known as Xinjiang Regional Museum,is located at No.132 Xibei Road,Urumqi City.Built in 1953,the Museum is a large integrated museum and centre for the collection and study of cultural relics discovered in the region.

Xinjiang Museum

What to see?

With a total ground area of 41,000 square meters and exhibiting area of 7800 square meters, the museum is the main institution to collect and investigate the unearthed cultural relics and specimens in Xinjiang.

The museum has made extensive contacts with museums domestic and abroad, and held several exhibitions abroad. The main exhibitions on display include “ The Exhibition of Historic Cultural Relics in Xinjiang”, “A Selection of the Unearthed Cultural Relics in Xinjiang”, “ The Exhibition of Ancient Mummies in Xinjiang”, “ The Exhibition of the Customs of the nationalities in Xinjiang”, etc. and various special exhibitions are often held here.

The exhibition relating to folk customs includes costumes, tools and every day necessities. Together they vividly illustrate for us the dress, lifestyle, religion, marriage customs, festivals and other aspects of the colorful life of the 12 minorities that live in Xinjiang.

The historical relics include carpentries, ironwares, bronze wares, bright and beautiful brocades, tomb figures, pottery, coins, rubbings from stone inscriptions, and writings as well as weapons and so on. These give an insight into the past and show how the society of Xinjiang developed. There is even the fossil of a human head that dates back some 10,000 years.

Xinjiang MuseumThe display of ancient corpses is fantastic, for it was in this region that a great number of ancient and well preserved remains were discovered. These are quite different from the mummies in Egypt that were created by skilled embalming procedures; the corpses here were dried by the particular natural environment. In all there are twenty-one specimens in the collection and include men, women, lovers, and generals. The 'Loulan beauty' is among the best preserved and famous ones. The 'Loulan beauty' has a reddish brown skin, thick eyelashes, charming large eyes, and long hair. This particular 'charming' corpse has survived for an estimated 4,000 years.

Xinjiang Museum boasts more than 50 thousand pieces of various kinds of cultural relics stored in the museum, among them, the ancient mummies represented by ‘the Loulan Beauty’, manuscripts in Chinese, Kharosthi, Qiuci, Yanji, Tibetan, Uigurian and other characters prevailed in ancient Western Regions, the silk, wool, cotton and hemp fabrics and folk raiment, etc., are unusual tidbits in the world.These not only represent the ethnic lifestyle and humanity of the region but also illustrate its revolutionary spirit. With such an abundance of items on display, the exhibition is widely acknowledged for its comprehensive and informative nature both at home and abroad.

Visitors can come here to see the amazing human remains and all the other precious relics, and  learn more about Xinjiang Museumthe brilliant civilization that flourished in the region of Xinjian.

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Add:No. 581, Northwest Road, Shayibake District, Urumqi City
Tel: 0991-4552826,0991-4536436
Opening Hours: 10:00-16:00 (closed on Monday)
Entrance Fee: CNY 0

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