Xinjiang Southern Pastures

Xinjiang Southern Pastures, also known as Nanshan Mountains Scenic Area is about 60 kilometers to the south of Urumqi City. The area is at the northern foot of Karawuquntag Mountain which is a beautiful pasture the pastoral Kazakh inhabit and graze in summer.

What to see?

Covering an area of 119 square kilometers,Nanshan Mountain Scenic Area is the natural large and famous summer resort. There are tens deep and remote valleys of big and small in Nanshan Mountain Scenic Area. 

It takes you about one hour by bus from Urumqi to get to West White Poplar Gully which is one of most typical sights. On the way, you can see the bright snowcapped Karawuquntag Mountain, the wandering valleys, hear the gurgle of springs, and smell the lush spruce trees. In the thicket of the lush spruce trees, let your eyes delight in the traditional villas and the scattered Kazakstan yurts as they paint the grassland.

Nanshan Mountain Scenic AreaAs you stand there, you can see the forest of emerald green spruce on a chain of undulating grass hills dotted with combined flocks and herds. As you immerse yourself in this beautiful site, the singing of the Kazakh may envelop you and inspire you to sing with them. You can visit one of the traditional yurts locating in the spruce forest where you will be welcomed by a generous host with fragrant milk tea, mare's milk, cheese and roasted lamb. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to observe the amazing horse-racing and traditional Kazakh dancing.

After you walk 2 kilometers north into the Gully you will come to a natural cliff that is a 2-meter wide waterfall. As it roars down a 40 meters drop, it creates mist and a floating rainbow, both of which help to refresh and relax you. If you are reluctant to leave this delightful spot, you can stay at the yurt rest house. But remember that the weather is cold at night in mountain areas so you should bring more clothes and a flashlight which is a necessity.

Nanshan Mountain Scenic Area

West White Poplar Gully is the preferred place in the Southern Pastures for touring on horseback so that you can enjoy a relaxing but invigorating summer holiday.

Additional beautiful spots there from west to east are respectively Chrysanthemum Tai (a table-board of alluvial fan), East White Poplar Gully, Zhaobi Mountain, Miao'er Gully and Da'xi Gully.All of them constitute the scenic spots of great charming in the Nanshan Mountain. With the embellishment by these other sights, Southern Pastures is even more beautiful and fascinating.

Going up against the valleys, you can see steep cliffs, waterfalls, and the valleys are densely covered with woods, grass and flowers. On the emerald green meadow, the Kazak herdsmen are holding recreational and sports activities, such as horse racing, lamb tussling and girl chasing. If you like, you can visit a Kazak yurt and enjoy kumiss, cheese stewed mutton, shish kebab and other foods of folk flavors.

Travel Tips
Add: Within the territory of Xibaiyanggou Village, Gangou Township, Urumqi City
Opening Hours:09:00-18:00
Entrance Fee: CNY 60

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