Shaanxi Grand Mosque

Shaanxi MosqueShaanxi Grand Mosque in Xinjiang is located at Yonghezheng lane of Hepin Road, South Gate of Urumqi City, The Mosque is a quadrangle dewelling facing east.It was built with the donation of the Muslims from Shaanxi Province in 32rd year of the Emperor Guangxu reign of Qing Dynasty (1906).

Shaanxi Great Mosque is the biggest Islamic mosque in the city. Unlike other Islamic mosque in Urumqi, it was built in Chinese traditional brick and wooden architecture style.The main hall of Shaanxi Grand Mosque is a brick-timber construction with single-eaved hip gable roof over 10m high and can hold 500 people at one time. There are corridors by two sides of the main hall and penthouse in front of it. Behind the main hall is a multi-eaved and pavilion-shaped Bagua Tower. Finely constructed with green glazed tiles paved on the roof, the tower is a skillful combination of the doxy of Islamism with ancient Chinese architecture. 

Shaanxi Grand Mosque enjoys high reputation in the muslims of Urumqi and is of great historic and architectural value.The architectural style and the delicate carvings here are rare and wonderful. It was appointed as a unit of the cultural relics under the protection of autonomous region in 1962.

Travel Tips
Add:Yonghezheng lane of Hepin Road, South Gate of Urumqi City,
Opening Hours:09:00-18:00
Entrance Fee: CNY 0


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