Tarim River

Tarim River is the longest inland river in China. Tarim River is a confluence of the Yarkand River ,Khotan River,Aksu River the other tributaries. With a total length of 2179 kilometers, Tarim River flows through the northern part of the Tarim Basin not only and pours itself into the Lop Desert at last. 

While large areas of natural desert poplar forest are well preserved inside the drainage area, new bases of grain and cotton production have been rising on both banks of the river.

The Tarim Bridge not only connects two banks of the river, but also makes the desert highway a throughfare linking the southern and northern brims of the Tarim Basin across the Taklamakan Desert.

Travel Tips
Add: Shaya County, Aksu Prefevture in Xinjiang 阿克苏地区沙雅县
Opening Hours:09:00-18:00
Entrance Fee: CNY 80

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