Jiulongtan Scenic Area

Jiulongtan Scenic Area, also known as the Nine-Dragon Pool, is mainly composed of an artificial waterfall about 8 meters high, a huge pool under the waterfall, and a large green lawn surrounding the lawn.

Jiulongtan.jpgThe water source of the waterfall comes from the rushing water of the Fengke Main Canal. It is ejected from a huge dragon mouth in the middle. The water jetting speed and natural gravity form a huge waterfall about 10 meters wide. The eight dragon mouths on both sides of the waterfall are also sprayed at the same time. The water column forms a huge water gallery. Below the waterfall is a huge rectangular backwater pool. The pool is surrounded by blue waves. There is a small arch bridge on both sides of the lake to connect the islands in the pool and become a thoroughfare across the huge pool. The giant pool is surrounded by granite paving flats. The flowers on the sides of the flower beds, such as roses and marigolds, are open to the public. The slopes are green lawns dotted with flowers. In order to set off the life-like nine dragons, a group of antique buildings have been built on the dam that crosses the main canal, with a total construction area of about 600 square meters.

There are two octagonal halls on both sides, a gatehouse in the middle and a gallery connecting the pavilions and the gatehouse. There are also promenades on both sides of the huge pool about 100 meters.

Travel tips
Add: Karamy City,Xinjiang
Opening Hours:08:001-18:00
Entrance Fee: CNY 0

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